• New 5ml Centrifuge Tubes Fit Perfectly in New Rack 

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New 5ml Centrifuge Tubes Fit Perfectly in New Rack 

Aug 29 2014

Every tube needs a home and the Scienceware® 5ml Centrifuge Tube Rack is the perfect place to store, organise and transport new 5ml centrifuge tubes offered by Eppendorf and other companies as well as other tubes with a diameter of 13-16mm.

 “These tubes are a relatively new size to the laboratory market and there are very few racks available to accommodate their width and height” according to Laura Geenen, Category Manager for Bel-Art Products. “As a leader in racks, Bel-Art recognised their growing popularity in the Academic, Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries and was early to create a storage and organisation solution.”

Made of durable and corrosion resistant white polypropylene, this 40-place rack has a top shelf height of 3.4cm (1⅓”). The end plates have handles for easy transport and stacking. It is steam autoclavable at 121°C (250°F) and measures 26.0cmL x 11.3cmW x 10.5cmH (10½ x 4½ x 4⅛”).