• TitroLine®, Xylem’s Titration Solution for Food, Chemical, and Pharmaceutical Applications

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TitroLine®, Xylem’s Titration Solution for Food, Chemical, and Pharmaceutical Applications

Aug 08 2023

SI Analytics, a Xylem brand, celebrates fifty years as a leading manufacturer of electrochemistry sensors and instruments; from simple handheld devices to automated systems with sample preparation for  titration, such as the headspace oven.

TitroLine® 7800 is the go-to instrument for both potentiometric and volumetric KF titration. With its advanced features, it seamlessly integrates the capabilities of a potentiometric titrator and a volumetric Karl Fischer titrator. Furthermore, its IDS measurement input expands its capabilities, enabling potentiometric titrations with either analogue or IDS electrodes, and even volumetric Karl Fischer titrations. IDS technology (Intelligent Digital Sensors) ensures accurate and interference-free measurements, enhancing the reliability of your results.

To complement the instrument, Xylem offers the user-friendly TitriSoft® titration software for your PC. This software simplifies daily workflows, from sample preparation to titration and result evaluation.

For those in the pharmaceutical industry, the TitriSoft pharma version offers full compliance with the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulation. This regulation addresses electronic record-keeping, electronic signatures and audit trails.

Your titration capabilities may be taken to the next level by combining the TitroLine 7800 and TitriSoft with the TITRONIC® 300/500 piston burette. This powerful combination enables parallel titration, allowing you to conduct two titrations simultaneously using a single titrator and piston burette.

Let's consider a typical example: Using a TitroLine 7800 and a sample changer, you can perform acid-base titrations with the pH electrode connected to input A, while simultaneously conducting chloride titrations with the silver electrode connected to input B. The TITRONIC 500 piston burette facilitates this efficient process.

Experience the efficiency, compliance, and accuracy of TitroLine 7800-Titrisoft, the ultimate solution for your pharmaceutical and other titration needs.

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