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A Breath of Fresh Air - Clean up the air in your laboratory

Dec 09 2009

Clean Air and Safety enclosure specialist Bigneat will be showcasing examples of its cabinets and enclosures for protection from laboratory hazards at ArabLab, Dubai International Exhibition Centre, between 9th and 12th January 2010. Please meet their representatives on Stand 341.

Many chemicals used in laboratory processes can cause health problems or are toxic in high concentrations. In some cases laboratory workers have developed sensitivity to certain compounds making it difficult to complete all the tasks required of them, thus the need to remove fumes and particulates is a high priority in the modern laboratory.

Laboratory equipment cannot always be placed within existing fume cupboards, either because of lack of capacity or because of their physical size. A hood or enclosure is therefore needed elsewhere to enclose laboratory instruments and automation.


Bigneat has a range of Chemcap™ free standing cabinets for fume removal; a cost effective cabinet range which uses carbon filtration for fume removal. This avoids the need for expensive extraction ductwork and reduces installation cost. More about Chemcap Fume Cabinets


XIT Powder Weighing Cabinets use HEPA filtration to remove 99.997% of particles of greater than 0.3 microns. This provides the operator with a safe environment in which to weigh or handle powders.

For high-precision weighing applications, a level and vibration free surface is needed for the weighing station to be positioned upon. If the balance does not have its own doors, then the air-flow into the cabinet must also be free of turbulence. Aerofoil technology in Bigneat’s Excel Plus cabinets ensures a ‘rock-steady’ balance even when measuring at the levels of 10-6gm. More about Powder Weighing Cabinets


Working with a similar principle to fume cabinets, or alternatively supplied with a spigot for connection to the laboratory ductwork, is a range of Storage Cupboards. These are ideal for removing the vapour from bottle drips etc, are mobile and can be positioned next to where they are to be used. With a ventilated Storage Cupboard these there is no need to leave your chemicals on the laboratory bench.


Need fume removal temporarily somewhere else? Consider using a fully mobile flexible arm system which you can easily move around the laboratory and use in the place where it is needed most.


Dust and fume can also pose problems in production environments as well as in the laboratory. The dust and fume released into the air can settle onto production machinery or products causing breakdowns and contamination. Cleantec fume extraction and dust extraction systems ensure the health and safety of personnel and ensures a clean working environment. Learn about the range here
Bigneat Ltd is a privately owned UK company, specialising in the manufacture of standard and bespoke cabinets and enclosures for hazard containment. It is supported by a network of distributors around the world. Contact Bigneat for: Fume Cabinets (Ductless), Fume Cupboards, Fume & Dust Arm Extraction Systems, Biological Safety Cabinets, Chemical Storage Systems, Controlled Atmosphere Gloveboxes and Storage, PCR Workstations, Powder Weighing Cabinets, Robotics System and Laboratory Automation Enclosures

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