• New Design added to impressive range of Ductless Fume Cabinets

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New Design added to impressive range of Ductless Fume Cabinets

Feb 05 2014

Building on the success of their Chemcap ductless fume cabinets, Bigneat has introduced a brand new sash door model with the emphasis on operator comfort and safety.  By incorporating a simple sliding sash at the front, Bigneat has modified their popular design to make it even easier to use.  This, coupled with unrivalled filtration technology, makes the new Chemcap Easyglide Cabinet an invaluable addition to the laboratory.

Bigneat recently manufactured and supplied the first of its new Chemcap Easyglide cabinets to Butterworth Laboratories Ltd. According to Kevin Sweeney, Butterworth’s Facilities Manager and Health & Safety Officer, “Bigneat have always been eager to meet our requirements.”  So when Butterworth analysts, developing TLC plates using a reagent delivered by a spray, noticed that their existing cabinets afforded them little protection from solvent fumes, Bigneat was quick to offer a solution.  The resultant design is a significant improvement, Kevin observed.  “The sash system affords greater protection of the breathing zone and our analysts are now able to see the spray droplets being drawn away from the sash and into the filters.”  He added that “the sash door also enables the analyst to easily access the cabinet, aiding the installation of equipment and providing easy access for cleaning.”  The additional features, such as the on-board sensor to remind the operator to lower the sash to its working position, Bigneat’s Easyglide cabinet ensures a safer laboratory environment.   

As with all the cabinets designs within the Chemcap range, the new Easyglide model has been extensively tested. It benefits from design improvements established in recent model range developments so that more of the carbon media within the carbon filter is utilised. This has resulted in an improvement of 20% in the filter retention of potentially hazardous toxic chemicals.

The range also features an easy-to-use touch-button on/off control panel with incorporated service due indicator and audible low airflow alarm. View of the working area is excellent and makes a cabinet comfortable to use for long periods.  An option for all Chemcap cabinets is a bench cupboard/open stand unit which may be fitted with a ‘Services Option’ which includes a swan neck water tap with drip cup and gas tap.

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