• Customisable Valves for Precision Fluid Transfer

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Customisable Valves for Precision Fluid Transfer

Jul 26 2006

Bio-Chem Valve and Omnifit's miniature isolation valves are fully customisable, providing engineers and product designers with maximum flexibility. The series of five quick-response valves for handling aggressive and high-purity fluids feature a range of materials, configurations and performance characteristics. The valves have a flexible "mix and match" construction that is determined by solenoid shell size, manifold mountability and flow configuration.

The innovative isolation design restricts fluid contact to only the valve diaphragm and valve body, which are made of inert materials. The standard isolation valves are constructed with chemically inert PTFE wetted materials. For other mechanical and chemical compatibility requirements PEEK?, PPS or Tefzel® are available for the body material and EPDM, Viton® or perfluorelastomer are available for the diaphragm material.

Valve shell diameters are available in 9.7mm, 19mm and 25mm to correspond to orifice diameters from 0.8mm to 3.2mm within a broad range of applications. A selection of two-way normally open, 2-way normally closed and 3-way configurations is offered.

The isolation valves, designed for applications in which space is limited, are also available in manifold-mountable versions. Omni-Lok? Fittings provide a strong, secure connection with superior thread engagement in the shallow ports of Bio-Chem isolation valves. Mounting clips, rings and flanges are available for mounting standalone valves.