• Cutting-edge solutions for precision and sterility in aseptic fill-finish

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Cutting-edge solutions for precision and sterility in aseptic fill-finish

Feb 12 2024

Increased demand for injectable drugs and stricter regulations drive surge in aseptic fill-finish technology, with Biopharma Group emerging as a trusted partner for UK and Irish pharma companies.

Why is aseptic fill-finish critical? This process safeguards the efficacy, integrity, and ultimately, the safety of sterile medications. With the UK and Ireland's aseptic fill-finish market projected to reach £3.8 billion by 2025, Biopharma Group highlights the importance of:

  • Precision: Choosing the right equipment for accurate dosing and sterility is paramount
  • Compliance: Modern systems prioritise features like validated cleaning, data integrity, and container closure integrity testing
  • Patient Safety: Integrated cleanroom environments, advanced sterilisation technologies, and automated inspection systems minimise contamination risks

Case Study: A leading pharmaceutical company reduced waste, increased efficiency, and improved product quality with Biopharma Group's aseptic fill-finish solutions. The results were very impressive:

  • 50% reduction in waste product
  • 20% increase in production efficiency
  • 30% reduction in downtime
  • Significant improvement in product quality observed
  • Clear return on investment

Biopharma Group's Value Proposition:

  • Partnerships: Collaborating with ATS Scientific Life Sciences, Biopharma Group offers a comprehensive equipment range
  • Expertise: 35 years of experience in the UK and Irish markets
  • Solutions:
    - Aseptic fill-finish equipment: Isolators, RABS, filling lines, inspection systems
    - Freeze dryers and lyo services: Expertise in lyophilisation with advanced freeze dryers and validated processes
    - Technical support and training: Comprehensive support throughout the process

Elevate your injectable drug production with Biopharma Group's commitment to precision and sterility in aseptic fill-finish.

Contact Biopharma Group today to discuss your requirements.

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