• Scale up seamlessly: Streamline your R&D with Biopharma Group's high pressure homogenisers

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Scale up seamlessly: Streamline your R&D with Biopharma Group's high pressure homogenisers

Mar 14 2024

Achieve market success faster with scalable technology from Biopharma Group, the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for Avestin high pressure homogenisers.

The race is on for biotech companies - to translate research breakthroughs into commercially viable products quickly. Choosing the right equipment from the outset is crucial to ensure a smooth transition from R&D to production. Here's how Biopharma Group empowers you to achieve this:

Effortless Scalability: Biopharma’s Avestin homogenisers cater to a wide range of throughputs, from millilitres to a massive 1000 litres per hour. With scalable options for both high pressure homogenisers and liposome extruders, the range eliminates the need to rework established R&D methods for pilot and production stages, saving you time and money.

Preserving Sample Integrity: High pressure homogenisation can generate heat, potentially damaging sensitive samples like proteins and DNA. Avestin's systems address this with optional heat exchangers, maintaining optimal temperatures throughout the process, regardless of batch size.

Streamlined Liposome Production: Avestin's EmulsiFlex range seamlessly integrates homogenisation and extrusion for consistent liposome sizing, allowing for effortless scaling up of production. This translates to faster turnaround times and reproducible results.

Unmatched Expertise: Biopharma’s team of specialists is here to guide you every step of the way. Discuss your specific requirements, request a GMP software demo, or explore the comprehensive homogeniser range – Biopharma are here to help you succeed.

Don't compromise your R&D journey with equipment limitations. Biopharma Group and Avestin offer the perfect solution for seamless scale-up and accelerated success. Get in touch today.

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