• Enhancing Small Molecule Drug Development Through Improved Solvent Evaporation

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Enhancing Small Molecule Drug Development Through Improved Solvent Evaporation

Aug 03 2023

Small molecule drugs have long been the backbone of treating human diseases due to their versatility and efficacy. They offer various benefits, including enzyme inhibition, targeting extracellular proteins, nuclei, and the central nervous system. As the demand for patenting specific crystal structures grows, efficient techniques like polymorph screening become crucial in drug development.

EXALT, in collaboration with Genevac's EZ-2 4.0 centrifugal solvent evaporators, is a specialised technology that revolutionises the solvent evaporation process in small molecule drug development. By providing better evaporation rate control, EXALT significantly improves crystalline structure.

Polymorph screening is a vital stage in drug development as it determines the crystal structure and formulation for future manufacturing. However, this process can be time-consuming and challenging, particularly with sensitive materials. EXALT overcomes these obstacles by enabling multiple solvents to be evaporated simultaneously at a controlled and reproducible rate.

Key features of EXALT include the ability to process up to 3ml of solvent within a range of 40ºC to 165ºC - DCM to DMAc, allowing control over the evaporation time from 6 to 72 hours or more. The system delivers drug polymorphs simultaneously, saving time and reducing processing costs. EXALT's special holder for vials, with or without baffles, further enhances solvent evaporation control.

EXALT improves solvent evaporation, resulting in reduced processing time and costs, plus faster crystalline structure identification. Major pharmaceutical companies worldwide have adopted EXALT for its efficiency, security, and non-destructive technique, minimising product waste.

EXALT technology, when used with Genevac's solvent evaporators, streamlines drug development processes, and ensures a high success rate (approximately 75%) in producing crystals suitable for advanced research. By fine-tuning the crystallisation process, EXALT paves the way for more efficient R&D and future-proof drug development.

To learn more about EXALT and EZ-2 4.0 which are exclusively available from Biopharma Group in UK, Ireland, and France, click here or consult a product specialists for further information.