• Fast and Efficient High Pressure Homogenisation Tools for Even the Toughest Samples

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Fast and Efficient High Pressure Homogenisation Tools for Even the Toughest Samples

Oct 05 2022

By its very nature, high pressure homogenisation is used when dealing with some tricky sample products such as yeast, and the equipment used for cell disruption needs to robust but sensitive enough, not to cause protein/cell damage.

The Avestin EmulsiFlex-B15 high pressure homogeniser has been designed specifically to answer these needs. It offers adjustable, consistent homogenising pressures of up to 45,000 psi, making it suitable for even the toughest of samples. With a sample capacity of 3-15mL (batch), the B15 is especially well-suited for small volume and/or high value samples, and is widely implemented across the biotech, pharma and food industries.

Perfect the R&D stage with the Avestin EmulsiFlex-B15

The Avestin EmulsiFlex-B15 ‘french press’ design is perfect for early-stage R&D of your products. Specifically, the B15 is air pressured, with a unique dynamic homogenising valve and has no ‘O’-rings or gaskets within the production pathway. These beneficial characteristics offer less risk of contamination, easier cleaning and no leakage, allowing its use within cleanrooms and GMP manufacturing.

Additionally, it is ideal for handling highly sensitive materials that need to be processed within a sterile environment, plus the compact nature of the design makes it a perfect solution for labs with limited space. The dynamic valve allows a continuous cycle of non-disrupted homogenisation, providing ideal conditions for sensitive material that needs a ‘closed environment’, thus increasing the efficiency and improving the timeline of your R&D process.

The Biopharma Group exclusively supply the Avestin EmulsiFlex-B15 high pressure homogeniser throughout the UK and Ireland. To discover more about the Avestin range of products and to discuss your requirements with a product specialist, please get in touch today

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