• Multi-channel Bioreactor Measures Cell Concentration, pH and pO2 in Real-time

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Multi-channel Bioreactor Measures Cell Concentration, pH and pO2 in Real-time

Feb 20 2020

The RTS-8 plus from Biosan is a personal bioreactor that utilises patented Reverse-Spin® technology that applies a non-invasive, mechanically driven, low energy consumption, innovative type of agitation. Cell suspension is mixed by the single-use falcon bioreactor tube rotation around its axis with a change of direction of rotation motion resulting in highly efficient mixing and oxygenation for aerobic cultivation. Combined with a near-infrared, fluorescence and luminescence measurement systems, it is possible to register cell growth kinetics, pH and O2 non-invasively in real time. For pH and O2, innovative single-use sensor spots are used inside the tubes.

The parallel cultivation enables users to save time and resources for bioprocess optimisation and the individually controlled bioreactor accelerates the optimisation process. It is possible to cultivate microaerophilic and obligate anaerobic microorganisms (not strict anaerobic conditions). Non-invasive O2 and pH measurement allows for accurate monitoring of metabolic activities.

The Reverse–Spin® mixing principle enables non-invasive biomass measurement in real time and the near-infrared optical system makes it possible to register cell growth kinetics.

The temperature control for bioprocess applications includes active cooling for rapid temperature control, e.g. for temperature fluctuation experiments. Tasks can be profiled for process automatisation.

The instrument features a compact design and a small footprint. 
Software for storage, demonstration and analysis of data in real time is free of charge. Data can be stored in the Cloud allowing the cultivation process to be monitored remotely or with a smartphone.

To learn more, visit Biosan at Analytica 2020 in hall A3, stand 102.
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