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All New Chamber Series With Earth Friendly Technologies

Apr 14 2011

Caron is proud to announce the launch of its new large capacity 33 cu. ft. (934 litres) series of chambers.
With this introduction, Caron now offers a complete range of capacities in its unified portfolio of controlled environment products. The 33 cu. ft. 6040 series is available now in configurations that supersede all Model 6030 series 30 cu. ft. units. This new platform will include: environmental chambers, CO2 incubators, refrigerated CO2 incubators, refrigerated incubators, diurnal incubators, insect growth chambers and heated incubator/rnvironmental chambers.

Like the 6010 and 6020 series, the new 6040- product line reduces both energy consumption and utility costs. The 6040 series operates on a standard 115V laboratory electrical outlet. Units with refrigeration systems utilise Caron’s gROD™, Refrigeration on Demand, which provides refrigeration only as needed. In humidified units, Caron’s gVapor™ delivers controlled, atomised humidity, compared to competitive units that employ heat generating, energy consuming steamgenerated humidity. All of these earth friendly features from Caron contribute to significantly lower energy consumption.

The new 6040 series gives customers 10% more testing capacity than the 30 cu. ft. series it replaces, and takes up a minimal amount of space. They fit in the same small footprint as the 25 cu. ft. series. This new series will come standard with casters and leveling feet, which aid in installation and allow for easy relocation in and around the laboratory. The entire interior is removable without tools, allowing for simple reconfiguration and routine cleaning.

“This new 6040 series launch will result in seven new products and demonstrates our commitment to offering a broad product range with cutting edge technology to our customers,” Figel said. “Caron units represent the industry’s most advanced chamber and incubator designs, with superior performance and energy efficiency, backed by a knowledgeable team of service and applications support.” Caron’s diverse product line covers a wide range of
markets and applications, including: pharmaceutical, industrial, academic, cell and tissue culture, clinical, food and
beverage, nutraceutical, biomedical, cosmetics, paper and pulp, textile and insect rearing.

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