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Microsampling with 12mm X 32mm Vials

Oct 28 2008

The Micro+â„¢ family of 12mm x 32mm vials for microsampling in standard autosamplers.

The Micro+â„¢ vials have a low volume insert permanently fused into the external holder to give a standard 12mm x 32mm external dimension. This makes the vials compatible with the widest range of autosamplers and sample handling systems without having to change racks or injectors. As the needle extracts at a fixed depth it extracts from a fixed insert that collects the residual liquid sample.

The taper on such vials also forms a reservoir and the volume of only a few tens of microliters is enough to allow a standard needle position to be used. The Micro+â„¢ range of Chromacol vials give almost complete recovery of liquid sample from the reservoir.

For larger sample volumes the Micro+â„¢ vials including the 03-FIV and 09-FIV give over 99.5% recovery even when not set at optimal needle depth.
For pre-concentration of dilute samples the 09-Fused Insert vials may be used depending on the original sample volume.

For further information, Chromacol Microsampling

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