• UV Cabinets improve qPCR reliability and reduce cross-contamination

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UV Cabinets improve qPCR reliability and reduce cross-contamination

Sep 01 2021

Reducing nucleic acid contaminants in qPCR has never been more important due to the COVID-19 pandemic. An unprecedented amount of qPCR tests are carried out daily across the world. Cleaver Scientific UV Cabinets provide a quick and cost-effective way to decontaminate surfaces and equipment for use in qPCR and other PCR techniques, improving reliability.

High power UV-C germicidal lamps inactivate microbial and nucleic acid contamination on the work surface, reducing the chance of contamination. UV-C light also degrades residual qPCR samples from prior workflows, minimising the risk of cross-contamination and false results. Cabinets are constructed from UV blocking acrylic to prevent user exposure to UV radiation, and inbuilt safety cut off switches ensure the lights are disconnected when opening the cabinet doors. Cleaver Scientific UV Cabinets also act as an effective shield against beta radiation making them perfect for use with radioactive isotopes such as 32P.

Sealed glove boxes for sample containment

If your work requires a higher level of containment than a traditional UV cabinet, the Cleaver Scientific sealed glove boxes could be the perfect solution. Hermetically sealed gauntlets provide safe handling of samples, and the optional airlocks allow samples and other items to be moved into the contained environment. These boxes can also be fitted with integrated UV-C lights, allowing for decontamination of the work surface from microbes and nucleic acids, making them perfect for use where improved operator safety is required.

Controlled dose UV-C with UV Crosslinker

Some applications require a more controlled dose of UV. The UV Crosslinker is perfectly suited to such applications, including being able to apply a fixed UV energy, measured in Joules/cm². Available in 3 wavelength options, including a germicidal UV-C variant, this crosslinker can be used for a range of applications, from crosslinking blots to sterilisation of equipment and PPE. Thanks to its UV sensors, irradiation cycles are perfectly reproducible, regardless of intensity fluctuation of the UV source.

Looking for a custom solution?

Cleaver scientific have an experienced product development and fabrication team. If your process requires a customised piece of equipment, or if you need to use equipment in a confined or unique location, Cleaver Scientific can work with you to modify products to suite your requirement. From small project or simple customisations to complete custom product lines, we can work with you to ensure a solution that achieves the best possible results.

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