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Versatile titrator for simultaneous two-line titrations

Jan 09 2024

The AUT-801 from DKK-TOA Corporation is a versatile titrator catering to a range of applications, including the capability for simultaneous two-line titration.

For simultaneous titration of two series, an optional burette can be added to the standard configuration, enabling concurrent performance of different titrations such as neutralisation and oxidation-reduction. This flexibility extends to applications such as simultaneous pH measurement and neutralisation titration. The system can be configured as a single system or as a dual-strain simultaneous titration system with additional components like the titration burette (ABT-8), stirrer (ST-8), electrode, electrode stand, and electrode holder.

The titrator supports a variety of titrations with its line-up of high-performance electrodes, including a pH glass electrode (Strong-pH) known for durability. Options such as ORP electrodes for redox titration, silver composite electrodes for salinity titration, electrodes for non-aqueous titration, and EC cells for electrical conductivity titration are available to accommodate various titrate ion methods.

Featuring 2 channels of pH/mV input as standard, the AUT-801 allows for the addition of optional titration units (light intensity, polarisation, electrical conductivity, potential difference) to the 3rd and 4th channels. The data memory function enables the storage of up to 600 data points in the main body for single-system use.

Moreover, the titrator is equipped with a validation support function, including a pH calibration history (up to 20 calibrations) and a burette capacity verification history creation function. AUT-801 stands as a comprehensive solution for precise and efficient titration processes across diverse applications.

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