• Revolutionise Oxygen and Toxic Gas Detection with New Single Platform

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Revolutionise Oxygen and Toxic Gas Detection with New Single Platform

Jun 20 2007

Believed to be the first gas detector in the world to meet the needs of all toxic and oxygen requirements from a single platform, the new Draeger Polytron 7000, from Draeger Safety UK, is ideal for use in any application requiring intrinsically safe gas detection. Developed in conjunction with Draeger customers to provide a fast, straightforward solution to the constantly changing requirements of toxic gas and oxygen measurement in both new and existing installations, the system is both modular in concept and versatile in use.

Featuring a host of optional system functionalities that can be mixed and matched to suit different applications, the Polytron 7000 can be upgraded as and when required. Offering 4 to 20ma and HART fieldbus capabilities as well as sensor self-checking and data/event logging software, the system can also provide pump, relay and remote sensor modules. In addition, it is compatible with the PDA m515-Ex which can be used to configure the transmitter, transfer concentration data to a PC, or to copy one configuration to another transmitter.

A simple three-button navigation intuitively guides the user through the menu driven functions and a large graphic display incorporates descriptive icons as well as plain text information to help with any diagnosis of the gas detector.

DraegerSensors feature an embedded data memory that stores all sensor specific data such as gas, sensitivity, self-test parameters, predictive maintenance functions, sensor vitality, temperature compensation data, cross-sensitivity data and calibration information.

As the data is stored in the sensor and not in the transmitter, this means that calibration can be carried out anywhere and at any time. Eliminating the need for onsite calibration, this also means that as soon as the sensor is plugged into the transmitter, all necessary information is downloaded to the transmitter without the necessity of any further adjustments.

Fully certified to ATEX II 1G Eex ia IIC T4/6 and II 3G Eex ia IIC T6 (installation in Zone 2 without safety barrier), the Polytron 7000 conforms to IP67 as standard.

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