• Cover Laboratory Vessels Smartly and Safely with the New DURAN® Silicone Lid - Fresh Colours for the Laboratory

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Cover Laboratory Vessels Smartly and Safely with the New DURAN® Silicone Lid - Fresh Colours for the Laboratory

Dec 04 2019

Laboratory staff know the problems from their routine work. When working with solutions or substances in the laboratory, the question often arises how can they be safely covered? To prevent contamination during reactions, DWK Life Sciences has now developed a particularly safe lab container cover: The innovative DURAN® silicone lid.

Due to its outstanding elasticity, the DURAN® silicone lid can be used as a cover for many different vessel diameters and shapes. The wide overlapping edge of the silicone lid closes fits over the vessel top. This is particularly advantageous during mixing, for example, as leakage or splashing of the reaction medium is avoided. The integrated pull straps are convenient and can be used with and without gloves.

As a result of the material’s properties, the DURAN® silicone lid is easy to clean, is reusable and so represents an environmentally friendly alternative to single use sealing films. It can withstand high and low temperatures, is particularly tear-resistant, UV-resistant, water-repellent and durable. Silicone requires no plasticisers, unlike many other plastics. In addition, no fossil raw material is required for the production of silicone.

DURAN® silicone lids are eye-catching and bring plenty of fresh colours to the laboratory. They are available in cyan, pink and green. With the help of the different colours and the additional labelling field on the flap, the vessels can be unambiguously. The lids are available in sizes small (S), medium (M) and large (L) and can be ordered individually or in sets from specialist laboratory distributors.

DWK Life Sciences has always been committed to the system concept of supporting laboratory staff in the best possible way. This is why DURAN® laboratory bottles have closures and connection systems for almost every application - perfectly matched to the bottle thread and therefore particularly tight. The wide range of borosilicate glass 3.3 laboratory bottles in different sizes, with closures, liquid transfer caps and accessories can be discovered here.

The DURAN® silicone caps system concept now extends to beakers and Erlenmeyer conical flasks.

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