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New Desiccant with Colour-Changing Indicator

Sep 28 2023

Introducing Drysorber, B1327 

Elemental Microanalysis, a leading global supplier to the elemental analysis market, is pleased to announce brand new drying agent, DrysorberTM (B1327) with colour changing indicators.

Elemental's in-house R&D team developed every aspect of Drysorber to be easy to use – from tube fill to moisture indication. Drysorber is composed of several sizes of drying agent spheres and an indicator. The larger spheres of drying agent will dissolve as they are spent. Elemental’s Drysorber also contains an indicator which will undergo a change from pale blue to pink as the larger spheres absorb water. The colour indicator offers easy recognition of when the drying agent needs replacing - as well as confirmation that any opened, stored product is still viable for use. 

“The obsolescence of Sicapent to the elemental analysis market offered an opportunity for Elemental Microanalysis to develop a drying agent in-house for the needs of our customers with Elementar analysers,” noted Paul Stevens, Director of Operations. “Our R&D team, helmed by David Castle, developed a desiccant that is both uniquely non-clumping and offers distinct visual clue on replacement status.”

Drysorber is suitable for use in Elementar® analysers where Sicapent® was previously recommended, in instrument modes for C, H, N, and O detection. Supplied in a 230 g bottle, this granular, free-flowing product ensures easy filling of drying tubes. Additionally, Drysorber is not considered dangerous goods for shipping at the 230g size.

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