• Elemental Analysis reaches 125 year Milestone
  • Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH celebrates 125 years of elemental analysis

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Elemental Analysis reaches 125 year Milestone

Apr 28 2023

As one of the oldest industrially developed analytical techniques to be used by pioneers of organic chemistry since the 19th century, elemental analysis continues as a mainstay technology for modern chemical laboratories. Having now reached 125 years in existence, its applications help to make the world a much more sustainable place, keeping pace with the times and playing a key role, such as in climate research, quality assurance of medicines and food development and safety.

Used in the laboratories of industry, government agencies, universities and research institutes worldwide, measurements derived from the results of elemental analysis influence our daily lives - largely without our knowledge.

One important area of application is the development and quality control of a wide variety of products, including food and pharmaceuticals, as well as metals used in vehicles. It can also contribute to a clean environment by providing important bases for decisions on environmental protection measures, with the important screening parameter TOC (total organic carbon) enabling quick checks of water, sediment and soil quality.

It is also often used in combination with stable isotope analysis - for example, in climate research or in the geosciences to find out more about the origin of the earth.

Elemental analysis also plays a decisive role in the food industry, because the protein content, which can be determined based on the nitrogen content, is an important factor for product quality and price. Not only does it have to be shown on the end product by means of food labeling, it is also an important parameter in the development of texture, consistency and taste of foods.

This procedure is often associated with a high sample throughput and Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH (Langenselbold), offer a range of low maintenance, user-friendly, fast nitrogen and protein analysers that improve efficiency of production processes.

Providing results typically characterised by precision and accuracy, traces of elements can also be reliably detected, regardless of high contents of other elements such as carbon, said the company. Requiring little effort in use, the analysers offer high sample throughput. Sample preparation is also fast; with sufficient homogenisation, samples need only be weighed. The elements C, H, N and S can be determined within just ten minutes and analyses can be carried out fully automatically 24/7. The instruments also provide a sustainable approach, as no toxic residues hazardous to the environment are produced during operation.

Elementar, which emerged from the Heraeus Group in 1990, has been a pioneer in this field for decades, having built on important key technologies developed in the past. It has traced the development of elemental analysis with its milestones over the past 125 years in a commemorative publication, providing a historical summary that also highlights the special features and advantages of this technique in comparison with other methods. Including numerous application examples the perspectives of this great technology, whose future has just begun and which Elementar is actively helping to shape, are also illuminated. More details can be found on the link below.

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