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ATNC analysis in cosmetics – Bringing testing inhouse

Nov 15 2023

Cosmetics, integral to our daily routines, have come under increasing scrutiny due to the presence of nitrosamine and its potential health risks. Recent years have witnessed a growing focus on understanding these compound's impact.

Confirming and controlling nitrosamine levels in their products has proved challenging for manufacturers and suppliers in the cosmetics industry. Reaching required limits of detection with existing equipment has not been possible. Outsourcing this testing is often costly and time consuming.

One of the recognised techniques in the European Union’s Cosmetics Regulation (EC) 1223/2009 is ATNC (Apparent Total Nitrosamine Content) Analysis. An ATNC system allows users to rapidly screen samples down to ppb levels for total nitrosamine content. This means that a single result is given for nitrosamine content regardless of the nitrosamine molecule present or number of different nitrosamines present. This also means even unexpected nitrosamines, or ones that there are not a standard available for, can be detected.

By using this technique, only samples positive for nitrosamine content will need to be passed on for further investigation and targeted analysis. Samples that produce a result below the regulatory threshold can be deemed safe due to the lack of false negatives the system produces.

At Ellutia we have decades of experience in working with detection of nitrosamines across a range of industries. We understand the unique challenges associated with nitrosamine analysis in the cosmetics industry. We have developed a range of solutions to allow customers to bring ATNC testing inhouse.

At the heart of these solutions is the 800 series TEA detector. This detector is extremely well suited to nitrosamine analysis due to its sensitivity and selectivity for these compound types. When used for ATNC analysis a chemical reaction is used to break off the NO group for the Nitrosamine molecule which is detected by the TEA.

The ATNC systems can be configured for either manual or automated analysis. The best configuration determined by required sensitivity and number of samples. Please click here if you wish to take the next step in bringing ATNC analysis inhouse. You can arrange an initial call with one of our experts to discuss your particular challenges.

Bringing ATNC analysis inhouse gives you back control over your analysis allowing you to quickly identify problems and resolve them in a timely manner, ensuring your products meet the standards you expect. For further details please visit our website.

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