• New Carbon/Sulphur Analyser Measures Both Organic and Inorganic Samples

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New Carbon/Sulphur Analyser Measures Both Organic and Inorganic Samples

Aug 06 2021

How do conventional elemental analysers work?

When using conventional elemental analysers for carbon and sulphur determination in solids, the user must decide whether to use a resistance furnace to analyse organic compounds or an induction furnace for inorganic compounds.

How is the ELEMENTRAC CS-d different?

Not with Eltra’s unique analyser, the ELEMENTRAC CS-d which combines both techniques using Unique Dual Furnace Technology. Therefore, the user only needs one analyser to examine organic as well as inorganic matrices for their carbon and sulphur content directly without cumbersome sample preparation. The analysis time of the ELEMENTRAC CS-d is impressively short: analysis of steel, for example, only takes about 40 seconds; for coal it is about 90 seconds.

Carbon and sulphur are measured simultaneously with an accurate infrared detection system. Up to four measuring cells can be customised according to the user’s requirements. Dual infrared detectors for C and S allow reliable detection of both parameters from ppm levels to high percentages. 

Thanks to its robust design the ELEMENTRAC CS-d is suitable for both production and laboratory use. An optional automated sample feeding is available if required. The easy-to-use ELEMENTS software provides fast analysis and results.

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