• Esco: Building Bridges to the World.

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Esco: Building Bridges to the World.

Apr 24 2008

Since its founding in 1978, Esco has earned a reputation for innovation in the worldwide laboratory equipment and cleanroom industry.
Today, Esco has emerged as a market leader with active sales in more than 95 countries and direct company offices in the top ten geospecific markets.

Earning Market Recognition

Esco was established to provide clean air solutions for the emerging high-tech industrial and life sciences industries in Southeast Asia. Esco pioneered the development of clean air technology in this region by designing the area’s first cleanroom. During the early 1980’s, we extended our expertise to laminar flow clean air products, leading to the development of biological safety cabinets. During this time, the foundation for our export program was established, and resources to scale-up sheet metal and manufacturing capabilities were acquired. Throughout the 1990’s our internal infrastructure grew to embrace microprocessor-based controllers, metal machining and fabrication, compliance and certification, and microbiological testing.

In-House Testing Facilities and Infrastructure

Because testing and certification are integral to our product lines, Esco has invested in in-house testing facilities staffed by full-time microbiologists and NSF field certifiers. Esco performs testing in accordance with more than 10 of the world’s most recognized standards for local, regional and international criteria. Our microbiology laboratory tests are conducted according to NSF49:2002, EN12469:2000, and JIS K3800:2005 to determine product performance and effi cacy related to protection of personnel, product and cross contamination.
EN, JACA, AS2252.2, SFDA, SANS 12469 ©2008 ESCO OW9000R/OW8904.02R 1/08
Not all certifications apply to all products. Not all products are available in all areas.

Certification, Compliance and Safety

Esco is committed to compliance with international standards for product performance, safety and energy efficiency. Certifications and recommended practices apply to products, manufacturing processes and administrative documentation including biological safety cabinets,
fume hoods, air quality, electrical safety and more.

Advancing the Industry

Esco is a corporate member of the Asia-Pacific Biosafety Association, Singapore. Our USA division Esco Technologies, Inc is a corporate member of Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST), the American Biological Safety Association (ABSA), and the Laboratory
Products Association (LPA).

Product Lines

– Biological Safety Cabinets
– Fume Hoods (Ducted)
– Ductless Fume Hoods
– Laminar Flow Clean Benches
– Animal Containment Workstations
– Hospital Pharmacy Workstations
– Cytotoxic, PCR and IVF Cabinets
– PCR Thermal Cyclers
– Cleanroom Products

Esco Online

Visit us at www.escoglobal.com for more information. Contact Esco or your local Esco Sales Representative for a copy of our latest Product Guide.

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