• Esco Fume Cupboard Gives ?4000 p.a. Energy Saving

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Esco Fume Cupboard Gives ?4000 p.a. Energy Saving

May 07 2009

Based on Berkeley Fume Hood technology, developed at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA, exclusively licensed by Esco, the NEW Frontier AcelaTM Laboratory Fume Hood has been designed to address the needs of all stakeholders. Frontier AcelaTM incorporates the patented* Berkeley perforated baffle design, aerodynamic sash handle, side vanes, flush-mounted airfoil, functionally robust bypass, to reduce roll in the fume hood, rapidly dilute contaminants in the critical zone behind the sash, and provide single-pass evacuation of containments from all areas in the work zone. Health and safety authorities will benefit from the Acela’s outstanding containment, ASHRAE-110 tested on all models, down to face velocities as low as 0.3m/s or 60fpm at the 457mm/18" recommended operating height, or full open condition. The NEW Sentinel XL Fume Hood Monitor can be field-installed to monitor fume hood face velocity in real-time. A built-in sash lock at 457mm/18" and automatic sash lowering function prevents user operation above the operating sash height. Facility owners will benefit from energy savings without the high cost and maintenance associated with Variable Air Volume (VAV) installations. When operated at 0.3m/s or 60fpm, the 1.8m/6’ fume hood requires only 872cmh / 510cfm, compared with 2197cmh / 1285cfm for a conventional fume hood operated at 0.5m/s or 100fpm face velocity, full open sash.

Depending on climate and system design, estimated fume hood annual energy costs range from approximately GBP£2.60 to GBP£5.20/cfm**. Therefore, energy savings of up to GBP£4,000 can be achieved. The environment benefits from energy savings and a corresponding lower carbon foot print. Laboratory personnel benefit from ergonomic enhancements including an angled front which improves reach into the work zone and reduces glare in the sash. High sight line of 72” coupled with an automatic sash lowering function combines safety and convenience. The patented * tapered fiberglass exhaust collar reduces connection static pressure requirements and operating noise levels.

Purchasers and lab builders benefit from an extremely competitive cost point, whether one considers initial or total life cycle costs. The constant airflow volume (CAV) design of the Frontier AcelaTM means that expensive and difficult to maintain Variable Air Volume systems do not have to be installed to achieve outstanding energy savings. Lab designers and planners will find the Frontier AcelaTM easy to integrate into modern laboratory designs of the 21st century. The angled front, neutral color scheme, energy saving benefits, industry standard sizes,
detailed architectural specifications and drawings, and wide range of options and accessories enables the Frontier AcelaTM to be configured to meet a wide range of requirements. Installation and service personnel will benefit from the robust side pan construction, wide range of field-installable accessories, and simple maintenance. The sash utilizes a chain drive system which is maintenance free. Frontier AcelaTM is available in 900mm / 35.4" depth configurations in 1.2m/4’, 1.5m/5’, 1.8m/6’ and 2.4m/8’ widths. A complete range
of options and accessories including the Sentinel XLTM Fume Hood Monitor, factory-plumbed service fixtures, cupsinks, work surfaces (phenolic resin, epoxy resin, ceramic, stainless steel), base cabinets, base cabinet vent kits, base cabinet filler panels, distillation grids, electrical outlets, ELCB/MCB electrical circuit protection, and fume hood exhaust blowers are available.
* US patent 6,428,408 ** Evan Mills, Dale Sartor. Energy use and savings potential for laboratory fume hoods. Energy 30 (2005) 1859–1864.

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