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Efficient laboratory equipment and machine labelling

Jul 27 2023

Traceability is fundamental in the laboratory, just one laboratory can process  hundreds, if not thousands of samples in a week. And in these types of  environments, the labelling and tracking of shared equipment is just as important as  it is for the samples.

Ensuring laboratory equipment is labelled can help to maintain efficiency, ensure  maintenance and calibration routines are upheld as well as auditing and lab safety.  Knowing exactly where a piece of equipment is, whether it’s up to date with  calibration and testing will not only increase productivity but overall increase  laboratory efficiency.

The use of asset tags and labels which feature a trackable barcode is by far the  easiest way to identify and track an asset using a central information management  system. Each piece of equipment can then have a unique identifier assigned to it,  and its data can be managed and read via the system. Such data can include  location, ID numbers and serialisation, as well as up to date calibration and testing  information.

Durability of device labels within the laboratory environment is important due to the  corrosive elements in solvents and chemicals and there are many labels which can  withstand these extreme environments. Device labels in laboratories need to be  tolerant to regular cleaning solvents and the possibility of exposure to chemical  spillages.

Fine Cut offer many types of device labelling solutions to suit all laboratory  applications. All their labels can be branded, colour coded and contain information  such as barcodes, QR codes and serialisation;

Polyester Asset & Device Labels

Made from a thin, yet durable peelable material and supplied on a roll for  convenience, these labels are easy to apply and can be adhered to almost any  surface including metal, glass and plastic. They are made to withstand extreme  temperatures including cryogenic environments, are solvent, chemical and scratch  resistant.

PVC Asset & Device Labels

For extreme durability, these labels are reverse printed, encapsulating the print  between the material and adhesive layers. They are made from a rigid material and  supplied in sheet format. As well as being completely tolerant to solvents and  chemicals, these labels are impact and abrasion resistant - excellent for wear and  tear on larger equipment.

Metal Nameplates

Made to last a lifetime, metal labels or nameplates offer ultimate durability. Options  include anoprint in which the print is encapsulated within the metal and available in  full colour, as well as laser marking or chemical etching. These metal labels can  withstand absolutely anything so are perfect for heavy continual use. Fixing options  include screw holes or adhesive.

Graphic Overlays

A larger format label suitable for device fascias and instructional / informative  graphics. Digital print offers unlimited design options including full colour imagery  and small text. Like the PVC Labels, these overlays are reverse printed on to  Polyester, PVC and Polycarbonate for durability. Options available include cut outs,  windows, secret-til-lit windows and legends as well as embossing and a choice of  surface textures.

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