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  • New Coater Series Guarantees the best results during Tablet Coating

New Coater Series Guarantees the best results during Tablet Coating

May 10 2013 Read 1323 Times

Gebr. Lödige Maschinenbau GmbH has developed the new LC coater series especifically for the coating of tablets. During the designing stage, optimum process control was given top priority next to the ease of operation and cleaning. All three sub-processes, relevant for the coating of tablets with a film coating, were optimised: Spraying the coating, mixing the tablets as well as their drying.

The LC coater series is characterised by a new nozzle arm concept to spray on the coating which allows the nozzle position to be perfectly adapted to the tablet bed. This innovative technology makes it possible to easily adjust the correct spraying distance and angle at any time, in order to achieve a perfect result. The optimum arrangement and number of nozzles accelerates the process compared to comparable coaters.

The applied high performance air system also ensures the shortest processing times. A fully perforated drum with a free area of more than 40% allows a very high air flow. Therefore, an excess of energy is available for the coating process, ensuring a smooth and reliable process. Efficient mixing elements also contribute to excellent product quality. They allow uniform and gentle mixing of tablets even with variable degrees of filling from 30 to 100% - an absolute prerequisite in order to achieve the extremely high uniformity of the coating required by the pharmaceutical industry.

Just like the spraying and mixing, the drying process has also been improved: The drying energy applied, is used effectively by guiding the drying air flow directly beneath the spraying zone onto the tablet bed. In this manner, the airflow ensures fast drying of wet surfaces. The air supply is extracted through the tablet bed.

Due to the sophisticated processing technology, the coaters of the LC series operate up to 40% faster than conventional devices, while saving roughly 20% of the costs. The coaters also collect plus points in terms of their ease of operation. When designing the new Lödige LC coater series, emphasis was placed of comfortable loading, unloading and maintenance. 

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