• Large Liquid Volume Evaporation to Benefit Medicinal Chemistry

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Large Liquid Volume Evaporation to Benefit Medicinal Chemistry

Apr 22 2006

Genevac Ltd, leader in solvent evaporation technology, has announced further additions to its range of large volume sample holders for its EZ-2 and HT series centrifugal evaporators.

With medicinal chemistry departments needing to scale up syntheses to meet the increasing demand of ADME, Toxicology and Safety Testing - the need for safe and efficient removal of larger volumes of solvent has been increasing.

Ingenious sample holder design has allowed the compact, benchtop EZ-2 to accommodate up to six 100ml flasks simultaneously. With larger round-bottomed flasks, a total capacity of 1 litre is possible, for example 4 x 250ml or 2 x 500ml. On the larger capacity HT-4X system - new holders have been introduced that enable simultaneous evaporation from 4 x 500 ml Nalge bottles or 4 x 250 ml Schott media bottles.

The new sample holders allow users to evaporate large volumes, as they would on a rotary evaporator, in a single productive run but with the added sample temperature and bumping protection safety features afforded by the EZ-2 and HT-series evaporators.

Many years of experience in solvent evaporation and sample purification have allowed Genevac to produce high-efficiency sample concentrators that deliver high performance, ease of use, high reliability, and compatibility with most commonly used solvents and acids.

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