• Make Significant Costs Savings in Concentrating Proteins

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Make Significant Costs Savings in Concentrating Proteins

Jun 16 2006

Genevac, leader in solvent removal technology, reports on the significant cost savings routinely achievable using their popular miVac centrifugal evaporator for concentrating proteins compared to traditional membrane concentration methods.

For laboratories looking to pre-concentrate protein solutions prior to crystallography, size exclusion chromatography or electrophoretic techniques membrane centrifugation has traditionally been the method of choice. However, for laboratories that use large numbers of membranes per year there is an alternative, the miVac. There is a one off cost that will pay back in months, and greatly reduce spending on consumables. Additionally, unlike the traditional technique where some sample is often lost due to protein binding to the membrane, the centrifugal evaporator sample concentration technique ensures complete sample recovery even when taking proteins to very high concentrations.

The miVac range has been designed to meet the requirements for careful and speedy drying in most biological applications. Special methods for drying aqueous and alcohol-based samples are included in all the miVac models. A range of concentrators feature capacity from six to twenty stacked shallow-well microplates or 48 to 200 micro centrifuge tubes of 1.5ml size. The miVac concentrators feature full LCD display with digital controls and programming of time and temperature. A range of suitable vacuum pumps is also available, including 2-head and 4-head diaphragm pumps and an ultra-low vacuum Scroll type pump.

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