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New Peristaltic Pump with Weight Scale Integration

Feb 09 2015

The Harvard Apparatus P-1500 Peristaltic Pump with Weight Scale Integration allows the user to dispense fluids based on units of weight. The peristaltic controller provides communication between the pump and the scale allowing the pump to query the scale during operation for precise dispensing. The peristaltic controller contains an interface that is compatible with Mettler Toledo XS series, the Ohaus Defender 5000 series, and the Ohaus Ranger series scales (scales sold separately).

The weight scale capabilities allow the P-1500 to become an ideal dispenser for applications such as dispensing reproductive biotechnology samples, organic solvent dispensing or automated weighing of food samples.

Key Features Include: Anti-Drip - When enabled, the anti-drip feature automatically runs the pump in the reverse direction for a short time after the pump finishes dispensing. This prevents any unwanted solution that remains in the tubing from dripping out and skewing the dispensed weight greatly improving the accuracy of highly precise dispenses; Auto-Tare - The auto tare feature allows the Harvard P-1500 peristaltic pump to automatically zero the connected scale each time the pump completes a dispense. This dramatically increases efficiency by eliminating the need to stop and manually clear the scale between dispenses; Slow-Down - The slow down functionality eliminates the risk of over dispensing due to high flow rates.  This feature allows the user to more accurately dispense a solution by slowing the flow rate as the target weight is reached.

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