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Hettich Introduces New Generation of Incubators

Apr 03 2019

Now with touch operation and many additional options

With the new generation of incubators, HETTICH is expanding its product portfolio for microbiological diagnostics, clinical chemistry and applications in industry and research.

The HettCube 200, 400 and 600 models with and without cooling are now equipped with a 4.3-inch touch display that offers full transparency over the incubation process.

At a glance, it is possible to view the status of the process and all events as well as alarm messages in retrospect for the last four weeks.

The new Features at a glance:

Simple weekly programming for more comfort

Thanks to the user-friendly operating concept, weekly programs can be set directly on the device without additional software.

Additional temperature drops can be defined months in advance with the unique holiday function. Start time or time span as well as the frequency of temperature reductions can be determined directly on the HettCube in a real-time calendar.

Flexible settings for more safety

Deviations from the target temperature can be limited asymmetrically via tolerance range limits or fixed via independent temperature safety device.

In addition, various events and alarm functions can be set individually. By setting door alarms, the various language options and country-specific conditions, users can personally configure their HettCube.

Process reliability even in the event of a power failure

With the new generation of HETTICH incubators, the user can keep control over the samples even in the event of a power failure. With two different setting options, the behaviour of the HettCube in the event of a power failure can be defined.

Setting the period
By default, the device automatically restarts at the point where the power failure. This can be changed or limited by the temperature (tolerance band). By default, the device automatically restarts at the point where the power failure.This can be changed or limited by the temperature (tolerance band).

Setting the tolerance band
Tolerance band limits and holding temperature are individually configurable. After a power failure, the HettCube checks whether there is a tolerance band violation. The HettCube then automatically adjusts to the previous configured holding temperature. If there is no violation of the tolerance band the HettCube resumes its work.

As with the first HettCube series, the new generation also offers a large variety of high-quality accessories.

The HTS (HETTICH TRAY SYSTEM) specially developed by Hettich, also has a unique character. With this 70 % extendable telescope system, which is compatible with all available shelfs and drawers, HETTICH enables the user to work ergonomically and easily reach all samples even in the back corner of the incubator.

Even if the requirements of the applications are very different, HETTICH again offers the best possibilities for an undisturbed and reliable incubation process in proven quality with this new HettCube generation.

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