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Advanced sorption analyser for carbon capture research

Jul 02 2024

Hiden Isochema, a leading manufacturer of sorption instrumentation, has launched the IGA ECOsorp, a ground-breaking benchtop sorption analyser tailored specifically for carbon capture research. This state-of-the-art instrument integrates advanced capabilities for co-adsorption of water and carbon dioxide across various carbon capture conditions, positioning it as an essential tool for researchers and scientists in the field.

The IGA ECOsorp combines high-resolution gravimetric water sorption with CO2‚ gas sorption under dynamic flow conditions, offering an economical and practical solution for evaluating the performance of candidate carbon capture sorbents in a wide range of environmental settings.

"We are thrilled to introduce the IGA ECOsorp to the scientific community," remarked Dr Mark Roper, Sales and Marketing Director at Hiden Isochema. "This cutting-edge instrument underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality, dependable tools for advanced research. Its unique capabilities will significantly empower researchers to develop and optimise new materials for carbon capture, thereby contributing to global efforts in combating climate change."

Key features of the IGA ECOsorp include simultaneous measurement of water and CO2‚‚ sorption, widest controllable CO2‚‚ partial pressure range (from 100 ppm to 100%), proprietary barometric compensation technology for precise CO2‚‚ flow regulation, and an advanced thermostat design ensuring long-term stability. The instrument supports complete automation for high-resolution isothermal and extended cycling studies, facilitating detailed method development and analysis. Additionally, it offers fully programmable experimental protocols and in-situ degassing and activation capabilities with an integral heater reaching up to 350°C for sorbent regeneration.

Engineered to independently control carbon dioxide and water concentrations, the IGA ECOsorp enables accurate assessment of material performance under Direct Air Capture (DAC) conditions. It supports fully programmable measurements across temperatures ranging from 5 to 85°C, accommodating in situ degassing and regeneration at elevated temperatures.

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