• HORIBA Scientific Announces New 'Duetta' Spectrometer

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HORIBA Scientific Announces New 'Duetta' Spectrometer

Mar 06 2019

HORIBA Scientific, global leader in fluorescence spectroscopy systems and solutions, is proud to introduce a new fluorescence/UV-Vis spectrometer that combines fluorescence and absorbance spectroscopies into one instrument.

The Duetta™ two-in-one system eliminates the need for multiple scanning instruments. In addition to the traditional fluorescence and UV-Vis-NIR absorbance spectroscopy modalities, the new system features ultra-fast fluorescence Excitation Emission Matrices (EEMs), simultaneous absorbance allowing for extended linear dynamic range due to automatic inner filter effect corrections, and unique molecular fingerprinting capabilities not available on any other commercial fluorometer. Our A-TEEM™ molecular fingerprint technology enables the ability to uniquely and specifically identify fluorescing and absorbing molecular states.

Duetta offers an ultrafast CCD that acquires fluorescence spectra at a scan speed of over 5,400,000 nm/min, allowing the system to go further into the NIR, and acquire data much faster (by 100x to 4,000x) than any competitive mid-market, bench-top spectrofluorometer. Its standard wavelength range is from 200 – 1,100 nm, and offers superior sensitivity to any other commercially available benchtop spectrofluorometer.

Duetta also features new software. EzSpec touch screen software runs on the latest Windows operating systems. This next generation of spectroscopy software offers dedicated apps-driven icons that simplify the user experience and the operation of the instrument, enabling anyone from lab students to highly experienced researchers to easily perform fluorescence, absorption or simultaneous fluorescence and absorbance measurements without prior software training.

“Duetta is like having two spectrometers in one, that occupies half the space of a single instrument and that is up to 4000 times faster than anything on the market,” says Cary Davies, Global Product Line Manager for the Fluorescence Division of HORIBA Scientific. “All this, combined with its completely reimagined, easy-to-use, intuitive spectroscopic software, makes Duetta the must-have lab instrument!”

The new Duetta is fully automated with self-calibration, automatic sample tray identification and electrical connectivity.

Finally, Duetta features a smaller, more ergonomic design than current fluorometers. With a footprint of only 16" wide by 19" deep by 14" tall, coupled with its elongated round exterior, and its simple and unique interchangeable sampling arrangement, Duetta will fit easily and unobtrusively on any lab counter.

Duetta has won already three prizes :

  • The Gold Pittcon Today Excellence Award
  • 2018 Innovators Award from Laser Focus World
  • 2018 Industry Award from “Mesures” Magazine

Duetta is currently available. For more information on Duetta, please click here.

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