• Advancing Cancer Research with Pipetting Solutions
    Lisa and her team at the ICR use Integra’s VIAFLO electronic pipettes to increase throughput in their preclinical drug screening and translational medicine workflows.

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Advancing Cancer Research with Pipetting Solutions

Jul 03 2023

ICR enhances cancer drug discovery with Integra’s VIAFLO electronic pipettes

The Institute for Cancer Research (ICR), affiliated with the University of London, is making significant strides in its preclinical drug screening and translational medicine workflows with the adoption of VIAFLO electronic pipettes from Integra Biosciences. By utilising these pipettes, the ICR aims to identify new drug targets and accelerate their transition into clinical trials, resulting in a remarkable increase in throughput and the reproducibility of research outcomes.

As a renowned global leader in oncology research, the ICR leverages cutting-edge technologies such as state-of-the-art microscopy, genetic sequencing, and proteomics facilities to deepen its understanding of cancer biology. Lisa Pickard, Senior Scientific Officer at the ICR, elaborated on the benefits of incorporating Integra products into their liquid handling workflows: “I joined the institute over 18 years ago, and initially worked in a high throughput preclinical drug molecule screening lab. We used VIAFLO lightweight electronic pipettes for preparing our plate-based assays, and they were certainly the workhorse of the lab. The team was really happy with the enhanced reproducibility and accuracy the pipettes gave us so, when I moved to my current role in translational medicine, it was an obvious choice to purchase several 8 and 16 channel 125 μl VIAFLOs for my new team.” 

“The VIAFLOs are the ideal solution for our high throughput growth inhibition assays, and have dramatically increased our throughput, speeding up the process of bringing new cancer treatments onto the market. These versatile pipetting solutions will be a mainstay of our lab going forward, and will be crucial in allowing us to quickly adapt to different workflows and testing needs as time goes on, supporting us in our journey towards cures for many cancers,” Lisa concluded. 

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