• Fast, Reliable and Safe Preparation of High Duality Culture Media

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Fast, Reliable and Safe Preparation of High Duality Culture Media

Jul 28 2009

Integra Biosciences has announced the launch of the new MEDIACLAVE product range that sets unmatched standards for reliable and efficient preparation of culture media.

The new MEDIACLAVE product range enables laboratories to rapidly and reliably prepare 1-30 litres of high quality culture media, reducing labour costs and freeing staff to more productive tasks. Available in 10- and 30-litre configurations, the new MEDIACLAVE is quick to set-up – just insert the media cuvette, fill the water jacket and you are ready to prepare your culture media. An intuitive, multilingual user interface makes it easy for even untrained users to use the MEDIACLAVE productively.

Integra Biosciences has introduced a host of features on the new MEDIACLAVE, enabling unmatched reliability in preparing consistent high quality media. Facility for pressure and temperature controlled deaeration allows outgassing of the sterilisation chamber and thus the MEDIACLAVE is able to achieve complete sterilisation. Dispensing is one of the most critical steps prone to contamination during media
preparation. New automatic in-process sterilisation of the dispense port completely eliminates these contamination risks. A powerful flow heater system provides highly efficient heat transfer ensuring that high temperature time and hence thermal stress to the culture media is minimised. Adjustable speed, bidirectional stirring guarantees complete mixing and prevents coagulation enabling production of absolutely homogeneous media. Rapid and gentle cooling using a highly efficient plate heat exchanger delivers culture media with the optimal bacterial fertility.

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