• Game-changing Solution for Cell Culture Repeatability

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Game-changing Solution for Cell Culture Repeatability

Jun 28 2023

Integra Biosciences introduces a game-changing solution to enhance cell-based workflows with the innovative WELLJET reagent dispenser and EasySnap™ dispensing cassettes. Leveraging advanced peristaltic pump technology, this system addresses common challenges in cell culture, delivering gentle dispensing to minimise shear stress on delicate cell samples and maintain optimal viability.

Cell culture plays a pivotal role in exploring intricate biological processes and holds significant importance in pharmaceutical research, development, and manufacturing. The WELLJET dispenser, powered by peristaltic pump technology, ensures optimal cell viability through gentle and low-shear dispensing. Moreover, the liquid remains enclosed within the pump tubing system, preventing sample contamination and ensuring reproducible and reliable results. Customisable dispensing speeds and volumes allow researchers to optimise each experiment for superior outcomes. For enhanced efficiency and reduced manual variability, the optional dispenser stacker enables automated plate filling, delivering higher sample throughput. Notably, the WELLJET dispenser and stacker have the smallest footprints in their category, saving valuable bench space and facilitating placement within a laminar flow cabinet.

Designed specifically for microplate filling and reagent addition, the WELLJET offers full flexibility across all microplate formats, ranging from 6 to 1536 wells. The stacker's lid-handling feature enables rapid and reliable processing of lidded cell culture plates without manual intervention. The system incorporates user-friendly EasySnap dispensing cassettes, featuring injection-moulded silicone tubing that maintains a consistent inner diameter, ensuring exceptional precision and accuracy. Switching between different experiments is seamless with the easy-to-install cassettes, which can be swiftly sterilised through flushing with 70% ethanol or autoclaving. The combination of the WELLJET dispenser and EasySnap cassettes empowers researchers to increase productivity and streamline cell culture workflows effectively.

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