• Lightweight Serological Pipetting Aid.

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Lightweight Serological Pipetting Aid.

Jan 30 2008

The PIPETBOY Acu Pipettor from Integra Biosciences AG is a lightweight, single-channel dispenser for safe, accurate and reproducible filling and dispensing of plastic and glass pipettes from 1-100ml.

The unit is ergonomically designed for ease of handling and use. Aspirating / dispensing speed can be continuously adjusted using the thumbwheel dial. Touch-sensitive buttons enable precise filling and dispensing and one-handed operation, which is especially important when manipulating liquids in a confined laminar flow hood.

The versatile PIPETBOY acu is ideal for use with all commercially available serological glass and plastic pipettes using a proprietary silicone mount to ensure a safe and secure grip. Over filling and contamination is prevented by a hydrophobic 0.45 micron filter located in its autoclaveable nose cone.

The PIPETBOY acu uses high performance Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery technology to ensure the pipette is always available for use. The unit comes with a low battery LED indicator. The battery compartment can be accessed quickly and easily without dissembling the PIPETBOY acu. The unit can be charged whilst idle or in operation minimising unproductive downtime.

Available in a choice of six distinctive colours (red, yellow, blue, green, grey and purple) the PIPETBOY acu provides a simple, yet highly effective means of visually eliminating the possibility of using a wrong pipette and cross contaminating your sample.

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