• Non-Stop Automatic Production of Over 1.3 Million Perfect Petri Dishes

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Non-Stop Automatic Production of Over 1.3 Million Perfect Petri Dishes

Dec 14 2009

Using two MEDIAJET 540 Automatic Media Preparation Systems from Integra Biosciences – Italy’s leading media kitchen – ‘Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale della Lombardia e dell’Emilia Romagna’
(IZSLER) has filled over 1.3 million perfect petri dishes without stopping over the last year.

The excellent reliability and true automation provided by the two MEDIAJET systems has significant reduced downtime and labour costs associated with older plate pouring systems previously used by IZSLER.

With over 35,000 media plates (Ø 90 mm) required on a weekly basis, IZSLER selected the Integra Biosciences’ MEDIAJET 540, as it was the fastest Petri dish filler that provided truly reliable, walk away operation using a proven mechanical dish guidance system, monitored by a set of sensors throughout the filling process.

Dr Cesare Berneri, IZSLER Media Preparation Laboratory Manager commented: “We have found that the MEDIAJET is very easy to clean and maintain. Using the system software is highly intuitive and calibration of the system easy. Operational downtime and media loss due to ‘dish jams’ resulting from variations in the diameter, shape and rim profile of the disposable plastic Petri Dishes are completely eliminated.

Further, the MEDIAJET has a unique ‘Media Spread Function’ capability that provides the most efficient use of media through ensuring homogeneous distribution and an even surface. Thus, minimising losses and easily regulating the agar level in each Petri dish the new system enables up to 30% savings on media use compared to some traditional systems.”

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