• Online Video Demonstrates State-of-the-Art Lab Vacuum System

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Online Video Demonstrates State-of-the-Art Lab Vacuum System

Aug 17 2009

For laboratories tired of inflexible and noisy vacuum systems, Integra Biosciences has produced a new video that demonstrates how its VACUSAFE comfort system makes the aspiration of liquids safe, easy and efficient.

Accessed from www.vacusafe.info/video.html the online streaming video (also available for download as .wmv or .mov file) leads you through the state-of-the-art safety features, user-friendly operation and applications
flexibility that has made VACUSAFE comfort the vacuum system of choice for a growing number of laboratories worldwide.

The video shows how in-line hydrophobic filters, shatterproof waste bottle and fully autoclavable components protect you and your lab from contamination by hazardous liquids. Supplied as an out-of-the-box solution, you simply unpack the VACUSAFE comfort and start working. The automatic on-off function of the vacuum pump helps to reduce workplace noise to minimal levels. Integra Biosciences AG.