• Optimising Proteomics Productivity with Pipetting Efficiency
    Ann Roberts Manager says that Integra’s VOYAGER pipette is the team's favourite piece of lab equipment.

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Optimising Proteomics Productivity with Pipetting Efficiency

May 10 2023

Emory University School of Medicine is enhancing their quest for novel degenerative neurological disease biomarkers by utilising Integra Biosciences' VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipettes. Within the Roberts Lab, researchers are making significant strides in the development of a straightforward blood test capable of detecting protein and metalloprotein biomarkers associated with conditions like Alzheimer's, ALS, and Parkinson's. Their ultimate objective is to expedite the process of recruiting participants for clinical trials and advancing drug development for these debilitating diseases.

The VOYAGER pipettes from Integra present researchers with the convenience of automatic tip spacing, easily adjustable with a simple button press. This innovative feature enables seamless aliquoting of various sample types, including blood, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), brain tissue, and more, effortlessly accommodating different labware formats. Anne Roberts, Senior Lab Manager, explained: “VOYAGER pipettes have been a complete game changer for us, increasing our processing rate from 300 to 2200 samples per day, without affecting accuracy. We process samples from multiple cohorts around the world, which tend to arrive in containers of all shapes and sizes, and being able to adjust the tip span of the VOYAGER pipettes to accommodate this has saved us hours upon hours of pipetting. Crucially, we are now able to do this as soon as samples arrive in the lab, avoiding excessive freeze-thaw cycles to minimise degradation and retain sample quality.”

“Without fail, once staff from other labs try our VOYAGER pipettes, they purchase one for themselves,” Anne continued. “They can’t believe they ever made do without one, and of course, we completely agree. It is our favourite piece of lab equipment, and we simply would not be able to process our samples with the required speed and accuracy without it.” 

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