• Reducing the Media Preparation Bottleneck in Molecular Biology Labs

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Reducing the Media Preparation Bottleneck in Molecular Biology Labs

Apr 16 2008

An elegant automated solution for molecular biology laboratories faced with preparing media for DNA cloning has been announced by Integra
Biosciences. Using the unique combination of the MEDIAJET Automated Petri dish pourer together with the TUBEFILLER accessory, Integra Biosciences is able to offer an integrated automated solution that satisfies all the media preparation needs of molecular biology laboratories.
The compact MEDIAJET Petri dish filler provides truly reliable, walk-away operation using a proven mechanical dish guidance system, monitored by a set of sensors throughout the filling process. Operational downtime and media loss due to 'dish jams' resulting from variations in the diameter, shape and rim profile of the disposable plastic Petri dishes are completely eliminated. The MEDIAJET has a unique 'Media Spread Function' capability that provides the most efficient use of media through ensuring homogeneous distribution and an even surface. By minimising the agar level in each Petri dish the new system enables up to 30% savings on media use compared to some traditional systems.
TUBEFILLER is a highly productive alternative to the tedious and time consuming task of manual tube filling. At the push of a button - TUBEFILLER is able to provide continuous processing of racks of test tubes. For 16mm tubes, filled each with 10ml of media, it takes
less than 1 hour to fill 1000 tubes. Ergonomic in design, the TUBEFILLER accommodates a wide range of test tube diameters (13, 16, 20, 25 or 30mm) making it suitable for dispensing of liquids for a wide range of applications including production of agar slants, broth cultures and NaCl dilutions. Offering a dosing variability of less than 1%, for volumes of 1 to 99 ml / tube, the TUBEFILLER ensures highly consistent test tube filling.

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