• Streamlining Sample Prep for Prostate Cancer Screening
    Integra Biosciences’ pipettes enable accurate prostate cancer screening.

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Streamlining Sample Prep for Prostate Cancer Screening

Jun 07 2023

LynxDx, a diagnostics laboratory in Michigan specialising in prostate cancer screening and risk prediction, has successfully incorporated liquid handling solutions from Integra Biosciences into their sample preparation process. Originally utilised for high-throughput COVID-19 testing, these innovative products have now been seamlessly transitioned to support prostate cancer screening, significantly enhancing result accuracy, turnaround times, and ultimately contributing to timely diagnosis and treatment.

LynxDx employs its proprietary MyProstateScore 2.0 (MPS2) approach, a non-invasive urine test that detects 18 genetic biomarkers associated with prostate cancer, for their screening procedures. MPS2 utilises a customised algorithm to optimise diagnostic precision, offering clinical flexibility for biopsy-naïve patients and those with prior negative biopsies. This cutting-edge approach delivers highly accurate and specific insights, reducing the need for unnecessary and potentially high-risk biopsies.

In early 2020, LynxDx adopted Integra's VIAFLO 96 handheld electronic pipettes and VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing pipettes to facilitate rapid and accurate sample handling during high-volume COVID-19 testing. Dr Jacob Meyers, Senior Scientist of Research and Development at LynxDx, emphasised the selection of Integra's pipettes due to their robustness and reliability in handling large quantities of diverse saliva samples. These versatile instruments played a pivotal role in maintaining short turnaround times for COVID-19 testing while gradually resuming cancer screening operations.

“We’re already using the VOYAGER pipettes in our cancer screening workflow, and we’re currently performing validation of the VIAFLO 96 pipettes for this application,” stated Dr Meyers. "We’d also like to acquire additional Integra products in the near future, as these pipetting solutions will allow us to further streamline and automate our liquid handling workflows in preparation for the diagnostic needs of the future."

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