• New Rapid Method for Producing High Yields of Biopharmaceutical Proteins

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New Rapid Method for Producing High Yields of Biopharmaceutical Proteins

May 14 2007

Invitrogen, a provider of essential life science technologies for disease research and drug discovery, is delighted to introduce its OptiCHO? Express Kit designed for bioproduction scientists that need to quickly and easily produce high yields of therapeutic proteins from CHO DG44 cells.

The new, 10-reaction OptiCHO? Express Kit comes complete with a detailed protocol, cloning vector, reagents, cells and media all fully optimized to work together. This kit allows users to efficiently transfect CHO DG44 cells in a serum-free environment, as well as rapidly develop stable, high expression cell lines. This means manufacturers of therapeutic protein could generate the maximum amount of protein in the shortest possible time, potentially saving up to six months of development time when compared to current methods.

CHO DG44 cells are a key bioproduction cell line and since they lack dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR-), when transfected with the right vectors, they can be made to produce excess protein. To help scientists achieve this, the OptiCHO? Express Kit includes the pOptiVEC?-TOPO® vector which has a DHFR gene and is also TOPO® adapted to produce greater than 85 percent efficient room temperature ligation in just five minutes. The kit also contains FreeStyle? MAX Reagent, a transfection reagent for consistently high transfection efficiencies and three serum-free media designed specifically for culturing CHO DG44 cells. The combined power of these components provides maximum cloning, transfection and expression efficiencies.

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