• New pH and Redox Electrodes with a New KCl Connection

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New pH and Redox Electrodes with a New KCl Connection

Oct 02 2006

These days, you will rarely find pH/redox combination electrodes filled with liquid KCl being used in process engineering. But there are applications where these electrodes can really profit from their advantages over the usual electrodes with a gel filling, say Jumo. For instance, liquid-filled pH and redox combination electrodes are used for checking the baths in electroplating installations.

Up to now, these electrodes always had to be handled very carefully, since the potassium chloride flow was normally straight into the electrodes, through tube nipples. This repeatedly led to glass breakage as a result of improper handling of the electrodes. This pushed up the costs for such measuring points, since these electrodes are more expensive than standard electrodes with a gel filling.

Jumo now offers a new connection method for such applications. Thanks to the new KCl connection spigots, it is no longer necessary to use electrodes with tube nipples. This connection still requires combination electrodes with a liquid KCl filling, as before. The filling opening for the electrolyte is closed off by a hose. To fit the electrode, the hose is removed and the electrode is screwed into the connection spigot. The spigot can be connected to the KCl reservoir via the pressure connector. The pressure connector has an R1/8" connection.

Ordinary commercial pressure hoses with 6 mm internal diameter can be connected here. The KCl spigot is mounted in the fitting with a Pg13.5 gland that can be swivelled, so this electrode can easily be installed in all the usual JUMO fittings. Unlike some competing models, the connection spigots can be re-used if the electrode is exchanged.

This has the advantages for the user, cost reduction through the use of simpler glass combination electrodes, the re-use of the connection components and a secure connection of the electrode to pressure hoses and fittings.

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