• Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Introduces Kimtech™ Polaris™ Nitrile Gloves

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Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Introduces Kimtech™ Polaris™ Nitrile Gloves

Mar 05 2024

To enable scientists in demanding environments to conduct their work safely and comfortably, Kimberly-Clark Professional™ has introduced Kimtech™ Polaris™ Nitrile Gloves. The gloves offer outstanding protection and strength, along with superior dexterity, comfort and durability.

They feature US Ergonomics certification, which demonstrates that the gloves deliver measurable ergonomic benefits to the user by improving comfort and fit and by minimising the risk factors that may cause injuries. It is the most protective glove in the Kimtech™ lab glove portfolio.

“The Kimtech™ Polaris™ Nitrile Glove design helps reduce stress on joints, ligaments and tendons,” said Franck Bureth, EMEA Regional Scientific Category Leader, Kimberly-Clark Professional™. “This reduces workplace hand injuries related to repetitive use and hand strain, which in turn increases worker efficiency through improved grip and performance.”

In addition to these benefits, the gloves boast:

  • A proprietary nitrile formulation and premium nitrile grade
  • The latest manufacturing technology
  • Enhanced chemical splash protection (Type B (JKOPT))
  • Extended chemotherapy drug splash protection

The Polaris Difference

Kimtech™ Polaris™ Nitrile Gloves are designed for use in laboratories, life science applications and non-sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing environments. They have been tested against 29 common chemicals[i] and 24 chemotherapy drugs[ii]. Available in two lengths, (25cm and 30cm), Kimtech™ Polaris™ and Kimtech™ Polaris™ Xtra Nitrile Gloves help close lab coat gaps to ensure maximum protection.

Kimtech™ Polaris™ Nitrile Gloves also deliver optimal skin health protection[iii] and minimise any skin reaction through non-detectable levels of vulcanizing agent in the finished product. Textured fingertips and smooth finishing help prevent drops and breakage incidents, even when wet.

Its proprietary formulation and Dark Magenta™ color make it a unique and highly effective addition to any scientific environment. For more information about Kimtech™ Polaris™ Nitrile Gloves, visit the website.

Recyclable through The RightCycleTM Programme

Kimtech™ Polaris™ Nitrile Gloves can be recycled through RightCycle by Kimberly-Clark Professional®[iv]. The RightCycle™ Programme is the first large-scale recycling effort for non-hazardous lab and cleanroom personal protective equipment (PPE) waste. This industry-changing initiative takes recycling PPE to a new level. Instead of used PPE, such as protective clothing and nitrile gloves, going into landfills, these previously hard-to-recycle items are collected at a facility and turned into new consumer goods.

[i] Tested against EN ISO 374-1
[ii] Tested against ASTM D6978

[iii] Tested against ISO 10993 for Biocompatibility
[iv] The programme is available in the U.K., Ireland, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

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