• How Clean is the Measurement Cell of your Density Meter?
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How Clean is the Measurement Cell of your Density Meter?

Aug 04 2022

The importance of measurement cell cleanliness

Proper cleaning of a density meter's measurement cell is vital in achieving the most precise results possible as insufficiently cleaned cells lead to inconsistent and inaccurate measurement results. It is crucial to choose the correct cell cleaning liquid/s for your sample, and subsequently perform proper cleaning and drying operations. Measuring samples containing proteins such as dairy products and beer, often leads to measurement inaccuracies because proteinaceous substances accumulate in the cell when cleaning is insufficient. For protein samples, cell cleaning requires not only ethanol and water, but also sodium hypochlorite, and needs an adequate soaking and drying protocol. Syrup samples have a high tendency to stick, so cleaning with warm water (e.g., 60ºC) and ethanol with drying is required.

DA-800 series caters to cleaning challenges

As for manual cleaning, it can only be as effective as the user performing it, and the adequacy of cleaning will naturally vary with user skill. It is essential that the order of cleaning agents used, their respective amounts, and how long cleaning steps are performed are all kept strictly uniform, which is difficult to achieve satisfactorily in manual cleaning. To cater to these cleaning challenges, Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing have created the DA-800 series of oscillation-type Density Meters, able to perform automatic, sequential cell cleaning using up to 3 different cleaning liquids at a time. When measuring samples containing proteins for example, you simply set the cleaning liquids to water, ethanol, and sodium hypochlorite. After sampling, pressing start initiates the sequence of measurement, cell cleaning (3 liquids) and drying, ensuring consistent, superior cleaning every time.

High performance DA-800 series density meters

The DA-860 in accordance with ISO5725, boasts accuracy to 3x10-6g/cm3, repeatability of 1x10-6 g/cm3 and reproducibility of 2x10-6g/cm3, complying with FDA CFR21 Part 11, allowing you to analyse, for example, food & beverage, petroleum, and pharmaceutical products with the utmost confidence.

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