• On-line Continuous Batch Monitoring of Environmentally Significant Heavy Metals

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On-line Continuous Batch Monitoring of Environmentally Significant Heavy Metals

Dec 20 2005

Fast growing environmental and healthcare diagnostics company, Lab21, has announced an extended range of applications for its proven OVA 5000 analysis system, part of its MTI product range. Importantly, the ASV (anodic stripping voltametry) technique used in MTI systems can identify the oxidation state of certain metals. For environmentally significant metals such as Arsenic and Chrome, this is particularly valuable. The OVA 5000 process system now offers improved performance for Arsenic 5 and 3, and Chrome 6. The systems will also routinely monitor metals such as Zn, Cd, Pb and Cu.

The OVA 5000 can be installed in current plant or control rooms, or at remote sites in a simple enclosure. The system provides on-line continuous batch monitoring. Throughput is up to 288 samples in 24 hours, with fully flexible programming allowing samples to be taken at specified times, or when triggered by an external event. Typical detection limits are better than 10 micrograms per liter (10ppb) for most metals; accuracy and reproducibility compare well to AAS or ICP laboratory analysers. The OVA 5000 is unaffected by Na, Ca, Cl or Mg in the sample, metals that are often present in industrial samples.

A simple user interface allows set up of normal working parameters and monitoring of results. Data can be stored on CD, transmitted via a local area network connection (LAN) or via a 4 - 20mA interface. Alarm relay interfaces can also be provided to trigger external events.

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