• 50 years at the forefront of manufacturing chemical processing equipment

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50 years at the forefront of manufacturing chemical processing equipment

Feb 12 2024

Pope Scientific have been at the forefront of manufacturing chemical processing equipment, engineered systems and laboratory apparatus for science and industry for over 50 years. In partnership with Labtex in the UK, Pope are solutions driven with a powerful reputation for both routine and complex separation, purification and mixing applications.

Located north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in Saukville, Pope’s 64,000 ft2 manufacturing facility houses engineering, production areas, technical and testing labs, glassblowing facility, shipping and storage.

At the heart of the facility is Pope Scientific’s highly skilled team of chemical, mechanical and control engineers, operations, assembly, glassblowers, quality control, technical & sales support. Technical expertise, customer support, and process understanding ensure Labtex customers achieve the best possible results in every application.

Today Pope is internationally known – with specialised technical expertise in design and manufacture of chemical processing equipment.

Wiped Film Short Path Distillation

Pope Scientific Short Path/Wiped-Film Stills (WFS) and Wiped-Film Evaporators (WFE) successfully separate volatile from less volatile components for Oils, Fats, Chemicals, Polymers, Nutraceuticals and Fragrances etc. with a gentle process utilising the thin-film wiping action of feed liquid through a heated cylindrical vacuum chamber with high vacuum (i.e. vacuum distillation/evaporation).

Pope’s Short Path/Wiped Film molecular stills and evaporators, fractional column batch and continuous mode distillation systems, hybrid still systems, stainless steel pressure vessels, process vessel systems including reactors, mixing vessels and turnkey liquid processing systems, Nutsche filter-dryers, and cryogenic Dewar flasks can all be found throughout the world in a wide array of production processing industries, pilot plants, laboratories, universities and institutes.

The Pope dimension of excellence

Pope adds superior design and construction to the basic wiped-film still process. This has enabled Pope stills to sustain pressures down to one micron for either solvent stripping or molecular distillation. Pope variable speed control of the wipers coupled with the ability to reverse rotation, allows an extremely wide variation of hold- up time for the process fluids in the evaporator body. Pope supplies either Teflon or carbon wiper blades with carbon preferred on applications with temperatures over 200 degrees Centigrade.

When increased condensing capacity of a non- corrosive distillate is required, the conventional glass 'cold finger' can be replaced by a stainless-steel condenser presenting a unique combination of Pope process capabilities. It is the ability of Pope craftsmen to work in both glass and stainless steel and combinations of both that provides a unique dimension of excellence — a combination of process variables not available elsewhere. Pope Scientific offers you flexibility! In those instances when corrosiveness to stainless steel is a problem, Hastelloy, Titanium, C-20, other alloys, or glass can be offered as the preferred construction materials. Pope Scientific observes the most stringent quality control. To generate sound research and development data for molecular distillation or solvent stripping process, variables must be rigorously controlled i.e. feed rate, wiper revolution rate, still body temperature and pressure. Pope Scientific provides the capability to control each of these variables to the degree required for efficient and repeatable processing.

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