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Bohlender PTFE Labware from Labtex

Jul 05 2017

We offers a vast range of finished and semi finished products in technical and fluoroplastics. A variety of different materials like PTFE, FEP, PFA, PEEK and others enable innovative products for stirring and mixing, temperature measurement, distillation and filtration to be produced with excellent chemical resistance and high thermal resistance.

Screw joints and ground joint components, tubing and connectors allow an infinite number of combinations to create sophisticated systems of sampling and feed using standard laboratory bottles and containers.

For distillation of strong acids or alkaline products BOLA manufactures reaction vessels up to 6 litre capacity in PTFE or PFA. All parts exposed to the medium are either made completely of PTFE/PFA or jacketed like the thermometers.    

The BOLA catalogue also includes a wealth of technical information on the materials used including physical properties and chemical resistance and the safe use and care of fluoroplastic labware.

Fluoroplastics belong to the ‘family’ of thermoplastics. The higher the fluoric content, the better the thermal and chemical capacity of fluoropolymers.

Unique properties include:

  • Universal chemical resistance   
  • High thermal load capacity (-300oC to +260oC)
  • Resistance to all sterilisation temperatures
  • Non flammable
  • Resistant to environmental changes (weather, light)
  • Non adhesive
  • Ultra low friction co-efficient
  • Unbreakable
  • Physiologically safe
  • Inert, no taste, odourless
  • UV - resistant 

Further advice on the pressure resistance of tubing and the correct choice for stirring and pressure or vacuum applications make the catalogue a useful reference.

BOLA-Stirrer shafts consist of a PTFE-jacketed stainless-steel shaft and a stirrer blade made of solid PTFE. The stainless-steel core provides high mechanical stability that is required for the chucks of the agitators. The stirrer blade is firmly fastened with the shaft. When stopping the agitator, the blade will not be unscrewed by the medium running after. Stirrer shafts are suitable for right or left hand rotations and all parts exposed to the medium are made of fluoroplastics.

Thus, the stirrer shafts are resistant to virtually all chemicals and can be used at high operational temperatures.

BOLA stirrer shafts offer many advantages over glass or stainless steel.

Unbreakable - Glass stirrer shafts commonly used in laboratories are very fragile. Dropping of the stirrer shafts, stirring solid materials in the medium or too much power transmitted from the agitator to the medium can cause broken glass. Stirrer shafts by BOHLENDER are protected against all these possibilities of breakage by virtue of their very solid stainless-steel core

Universal Chemical Resistance - The thick fluoroplastic-jacket (not a thin layer which can easily be damaged) assures that the medium is exposed only to PTFE. Thus, the stirrer shafts are resistant to virtually all chemicals. Fluoroplastic-jacketed stainless-steel stirrer shafts can be used in extreme applications, where the chemical resistance of PP (polypropylene), glass or stainless-steel stirrer shafts is not adequate

Temperature Resistance - Stirrer shafts made of PP (polypropylene) become deformed at temperatures exceeding 100°C and then cannot be used any longer. Fluoroplastic-jacketed stainless-steel stirrer shafts can be used at temperatures up to +250°C (without any effects on their chemical resistance).

Labtex also has a detailed white paper available here or for further details please call 01484 600200

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