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Internal Solvent Storage in the UK and BS EN 14470-1

Jul 07 2010

A brochure is available from Labtex explaining recent major changes on internal solvent storage guidelines, and the solutions they offer.

In the UK it is recommended that no more than 50 litres of highly flammable solvent be stored in a room using cabinets referred to in such documents as DSEAR 2002 (Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations) and HSG 51 from the Health and Safety Executive (Storage of Flammable Liquids in Containers.) These normally refer to single skinned metal cabinets manufactured according to BS 476 .However there is an exception which can be found by visiting the website hse.gov.uk. On these web pages it states that subject to a thorough risk assessment, the 50 litre recommendation can be exceeded when using high specification safety cabinets such as those manufactured according to BS EN 14470-1.

Cabinets designed and built to comply with BS EN 14470-1 offer vastly superior protection over single or double wall steel cabinets to BS476.
These cabinets minimize the risks associated with storing flammable substances by protecting the contents for a known and tested length of time (fire rating). For the first time consideration has been given to the time required not only for personnel to leave the room/area in the case of a fire, but also for the emergency services to gain access to the workplace before stored flammable materials contribute to an uncontrollable blaze.
Fire resistance is defined as the time taken for the temperature inside a cabinet to increase by 180K at any measured internal point. As a result each cabinet can be classified as Type 15, 30, 60 or type 90. During the design process all cabinets offered by Labtex have been successfully tested in accordance with BS EN 14770-1 and certified by an independent materials testing institute.
Cabinets are available in numerous sizes and configurations with folding doors, wing doors, shelves, drawers.

In many cases the end user has difficulty in storing less than the recommended level of 50 litres of flammable material in a room. The products described above offer a working solution.
Fire resistant gas cylinder and drum cabinets and well as storage solutions for other hazardous materials complete the range. In the latter case it is often extremely difficult to adhere to the recommended practice of storing cylinders externally. Again products provide a possible answer to what may appear an insurmountable problem.

For further details please contact Labtex on 01484 600200

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