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Laboratory Scale Spray Dryer

Oct 14 2015

The Labtex ESDTi laboratory scale spray dryer is a self contained unit designed to produce powders from liquids in seconds. It is compact in design and quiet in operation.

The unit incorporates all parts necessary for the spray drying process and allows control of inlet temperature, liquid sample flow, drying airflow and compressor pressure. The ESDTi spray dryer is manufactured using the highest quality materials including 316 stainless steel, PTFE and borosilicate glass 3.3. A compressor is included inside the unit.

Spray drying involves three fundamental processes: liquid atomisation, evaporation and separation/collection of the dried product.

The material to be dried is sprayed into a vertical drying chamber. At the same time a large volume of hot air is fed into the chamber to evaporate the liquid content of the sample. On completion of drying, the hot air and solids are separated in a glass cyclone.

The most successful drying applications for spray dryers are for solutions, slurries and pastes which a) cannot be dewatered mechanically b) are heat sensitive and cannot be exposed to high temperatures for long periods or c) contain ultrafine particles that will agglomerate and fuse if dried in any state other than a dilution. Spray drying is especially applicable to heat sensitive products due to the exceptionally short residence time in the dryer hot zone.

Pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, pigments, dyes and ceramics are all examples of products that have been successfully spray dried.

CALgrafix Process Monitoring Software is supplied as standard. CALgrafix is designed for applications where there is a requirement to monitor and record temperature data. A real time graphic presentation displays the temperature profile of your process.    

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