• Cracking Performance for the Crick Seals More Orders for Liebherr

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Cracking Performance for the Crick Seals More Orders for Liebherr

Feb 21 2019

Cracking Performance for the Crick Seals More Orders for Liebherr

Following an original order for 450 Mediline laboratory freezers for the Francis Crick Institute in 2017 Liebherr has now supplied around 950 Mediline appliances to the world-renowned institute. This model that has made the impression is the Liebherr Mediline LGUEX1500 under-bench spark-free freezer.

Because the Crick houses the largest biomedical research facility in Europe and is dedicated to understanding the fundamental biology underlying health and disease it is vital that it has very reliable and secure freezers.

The temperature can be precisely set to the required degree due to the menu-guided Profi electronics, and this means that laboratory and medical products can be stored safely in an environment with very stable temperatures. A range of alarm functions offer safeguards in the event of a fault. The controller on the Mediline has been made 30% larger allowing easier reading and display of critical functions like alarm alerts.

Accurate electronic controls, a forced-air cooling system and highly effective insulation work together to deliver outstanding energy efficiency. This ensures the operating costs are kept low and the footprint is smaller than comparable models.

Some of the Liebherr LGUEX1500 under-bench freezers in the labs at The Francis Crick Institute

There are several other leading lab-based research institutes that consider Liebherr to be a preferred refrigeration brand of choice and these include:

  • Imperial College London.
  • London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • University of Oxford, NDM TDI Institute
  • The Quadram Institute

There are a number of key reasons why leading laboratories use Liebherr refrigeration:

  • Integrated alarm systems

Visual and audible alarm systems alert the user to undesired temperature deviations, or when the door is open. Liebherr laboratory appliances with a Comfort electronic controller have a visual power failure alarm and a sensor defect alarm.

  • Integrated data memory.

The Comfort electronic controller is equipped with an integrated data memory which logs the maximum and minimum internal temperatures as well as the last three temperature alarms and power failures, together with the time, date and duration. These data can be read out on the display.

  • Certified according to ATEX 95.

All appliances with spark-free interior are tested according to the 94/9 EC (ATEX 95) Directive. Rated as II 3G Ex nA II T6, these appliances are suitable for storing explosive and highly flammable substances in sealed containers.

  • The Comfort electronic controller.

The precision Comfort electronic controller with digital temperature display enables temperatures to be set accurately to 1/10 °C. Symbols indicate the operating status of the appliance. The electronic controller is flush-mounted and equipped with a membrane keyboard for perfect hygiene.

  • External temperature sensor access port.

The laboratory appliances with a Comfort electronic controller have an access port (diameter 10 mm) on the rear which allows the temperature sensor to be positioned in the interior.

  • Safety thermostat – additional thermostat preventing temperatures below 2 degrees in fridges in the event of a fault.
  • Manual door locks
  • Self closing doors

For further product information and advice contact Alex Van Der Walt on:

01767 602100 or visit our website.

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