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Economical answer to gas cylinders

Sep 08 2009

The H2-Air-FID is a combined Hydrogen and Zero Air Generators. This device is the economical answer to the high pressure gas cylinders in the Laboratory. The Hydrogen Generator employs the newest PEM membrane technology available for electrolytic production of pure hydrogen gas. Only pure water, either distilled or deionized, is required to provide trouble free long-term operation. The “no maintenance” static dryer has replaced the Molecular Sieve one, making the H2-Air-FID a “Non Maintenance” Hydrogen + Zero Air generators. No caustic solution is needed. The small contained volume (<40 ml) makes it safe for operation in spaces where hydrogen cylinder are restricted.

The H2-Air-FID series produces laboratory grade purified Hydrogen and Air for FID (Flame Ionization Detectors) and other detectors like FPD. This system will generate purified and Hydrocarbon-free (less than 0.1 ppm) Zero Air and Hydrogen. The Zero Air requires externals oil-free compressed air supply and will remove all Hydrocarbons including Methane, using the latest improvement of a high efficient palladium / Platinum catalysis oven. The H2-Air-FID exists in 3 different H2 flow rate configuration (100ml/min, 160 ml/min and 250 ml/min) and can aliment up to 5 GC. The Air flow capacity reaches the 1500 ml/min.
The H2-Air FID station is very small in foot print and very easy to operate.

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